The 5th Guangzhou Composite Materials and Products Exhibition

Range of exhibition

Composite materials and accessories: fibers and reinforcing materials (carbon fiber/glass fiber/basalt fiber/aramid fiber/natural fiber, etc.), resins (unsaturated/epoxy/ethylene/phenolic, etc.), adhesives, mold release agents, various Auxiliaries, fillers, pigments and premixes, prepregs, polymer materials, etc.

Composite products: carbon fiber products, glass fiber products and other composite materials related products.

Other composite materials: vacuum materials, foam materials, lightweight materials, wood-plastic composite materials, metal matrix composite materials, ceramic matrix composite materials.

Composite production equipment: various new molding technologies and equipment such as spraying, winding, molding, injection, pultrusion, RTM, LFT, vacuum introduction, etc. used in the material production process; honeycomb, foaming, sandwich technology and process equipment; composite materials cutting equipment, forming molds, machining equipment, testing equipment, etc.


The composite materials and products exhibited are mainly used in: sports and leisure products, aerospace, wind power blades, automobile manufacturing, automobile modification, rail transit, drones, nuclear industry,

Sports equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, building materials, electrical and electronic, wire and cable, ships and yachts, office equipment, building materials and sanitary ware, new energy, pressure vessels,

Anti-corrosion equipment, industrial robots, environmental protection, heat, air separation, fire protection, major equipment manufacturing accessories and other industries.


Exhibition advantages

1. South China is the most important composite product manufacturing base and export base in China, and its industrial scale growth is ahead of other regions.

2. The construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has driven innovation and industrialization in the fields of composite materials and new materials.

3. We have the latest professional audience data. Including: user units, distribution agents, import and export traders.

Fourth, independent research and development of advanced advertising system to ensure that professional audiences receive our invitation.

5. In order to better publicize the exhibition, in-depth cooperation with platforms such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Baidu, GOOGLE, JEC, and

6. It will be exhibited during the prime time of the Canton Fair in spring, and it is more convenient for foreign professional visitors to visit and negotiate.

7. The exhibition planners have 18 years of exhibition experience, extensive industry contacts, and pay attention to the exhibition effect and service level.f46b5aa79981e183d054d70f4d03649

Post time: Jun-22-2022