Detroit sewage pipe treated with carbon fiber lining

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash and Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice S. Miller announced that parts of the Oakland-Macomb Interceptor Drainage District (OMIDDD) Northeast Sewage Pumping Station will be reinforced with a carbon fiber polymer lining called Wet Upper liner from QuakeWrap Inc. in Tuscon, Arizona.
It is estimated that the lining can save approximately US$400,000 in repairing the four 78-inch diameter pipes at the pumping station.
The Northeast Sewage Pumping Station in Detroit is part of the Oakland-Macomb Interceptor Drain, which transports sewage from 23 communities in Macomb and Oakland counties, including OMIDDD. In order to save time and money while restoring acceptable functionality and reliability for station operations, the board of directors of OMIDDD decided to repair and upgrade the current infrastructure instead of dismantling and replacing components separately.
“Our knowledge of this innovative lining product proves that it is extraordinary when used in this pumping station,” Nash said. “Its high quality will strengthen and restore the current infrastructure, and it is easy to install, which can shorten the construction time at a lower cost.”
QuakeWrap’s system works by impregnating carbon fiber tapes (usually 2 to 4 feet wide) with epoxy resin and applying them in an overlapping manner to form a continuous loop around the circumference of the pipe. The fabric bands will also overlap along the length of the pipe, ensuring that fluid flows from one band to the next, just like roof tiles.
“We are very pleased to use QuakeWrap in this project as part of the important renovation and upgrade of the Northeast Sewage Pumping Station. It will extend the service life of the discharge pipe and provide long-term service to system users and taxpayers in Macomb and Oakland County ( OMIDDD),” Miller said.
After intercepting the sewage and completing the preparatory work, the staff successfully sealed and lined the pump discharge pipe within a few days, thus saving the project schedule and cost. As part of the 10-year warranty, OMIDDD will continue to monitor the infrastructure every two years to ensure the expected liner performance.

Post time: Aug-31-2021