[Carbon fiber] The scale of carbon fiber prepreg is increasing continuously, and the process of domestic substitution is accelerating

Carbon fiber prepreg generally refers to carbon fiber prepreg, which is a composite of epoxy resin on carbon fiber through high pressure and high temperature technology. The composite material made of carbon fiber yarn, epoxy resin, release paper and other materials through coating, hot pressing, cooling, laminating, winding and other processes is called carbon fiber prepreg, also known as carbon fiber prepreg.
It is called prepreg because it is only the initial impregnation of resin and carbon fiber, and it is the final impregnation when the product is formed.
Types of carbon fiber prepreg
In recent years, with the large-scale wind power generation equipment, more stringent requirements have been placed on the strength and stiffness of materials. At the same time, coupled with the development of wind power technology, the application of carbon fiber in the wind power industry will increase the overall cost of wind power generation. Gradually decreasing, the use of carbon fiber composite materials to manufacture large blades will be an inevitable development trend in the future. It can be seen that the scale of output value of my country’s carbon fiber prepreg industry will maintain a substantial growth trend.
According to data, in 2019, the output value of my country’s carbon fiber prepreg industry will be 1.83 billion yuan, and the output value in 2020 may exceed 1.9 billion yuan.

Post time: Nov-24-2021