Carbon fiber prepreg has the fastest curing time in the world


Japan’s DIC Corp. and its local partners have developed a fast-curing carbon fiber reinforced prepreg sheet, which is reported to have the fastest curing time in the world and can be stored at room temperature.
DIC Seiren Co. Ltd. and Fukui Prefecture Industrial Technology Center recently completed a research project aimed at commercializing fast-curing prepregs made of carbon fiber composite materials for automotive applications. From July 2018 to June 2021, it was selected as a major research project by the New Energy Industry Development Organization (NEDO) and funded for 3 years. The three entities have also developed a mass production process and started to provide samples to demonstrate the use of the factory operated by Seiren in July.
Carbon fiber reinforced prepreg is an intermediate material made by processing carbon fiber bundles into a flat plate and impregnating the sheet with resin. Due to its light weight and high strength, carbon fiber reinforced prepregs are increasingly used in aircraft, spacecraft and automobiles to improve fuel economy and reduce body weight, which highlights the positive growth in further demand in the next few years expected. The molding and processing of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) composites, including prepregs, is usually very time-consuming, and the technology to shorten the molding time is seen as the key to its wider application.
This research project brings together DIC’s radiation-curable resin; the high-speed mop technology owned by the Fukui Industrial Technology Center; and Seirenâ????’s high-precision impregnation technology, using its resin film forming and coating capabilities to achieve the world’s leading shortest Carbon fiber reinforced prepreg with a curing time of 30 seconds. In addition, unlike traditional epoxy prepregs, this new product can be stored at room temperature without freezing or refrigerating storage facilities, thereby reducing storage costs.
Looking ahead, DIC and Seiren will continue to cooperate to encourage manufacturers in multiple industries, including automakers, to adopt this carbon fiber-reinforced prepreg. By improving molding and processing productivity, the company looks forward to further promoting the popularization of CFRP composite materials. In doing so, they will help reduce weight, improve fuel economy, and reduce the energy consumption of end-use products.

Post time: Sep-08-2021