Industry Pain Points And Product Advantages

From the perspective of the global carbon fiber market, the share of my country's carbon fiber market in 2019 has climbed from 22.8% in 2018 to 31.7%, which is gratifying. This is closely related to the efforts of enterprises to improve their internal strength and improve quality and reduce costs over the years. From the perspective of price, in 2019, due to the shortage of large tow supply in the international market and the continuous improvement of the cost control level of my country's carbon fiber industry, my country's carbon fiber prices and international product prices have basically been in an equilibrium state, which makes my country's carbon fiber and its Export of products in batches has become possible. Coupled with my country's relevant adjustments in the export tax rebate rate, carbon fiber companies can consider seizing the opportunity to expand overseas markets.

The main material of carbon fiber tube is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has strong tensile strength, softness and easy processing, especially its mechanical properties are very good. Carbon fiber has high tensile strength and light weight. Compared with other high-performance fibers, carbon fiber has the highest specific strength and specific modulus.


However, making carbon fiber tubes larger in diameter and longer length has always been a major problem in the carbon fiber industry. This is also a major pain point for the entire carbon fiber tube industry. It is not only the production technology that is restricted, but also has a huge connection with the production equipment. In order to solve this problem, our company not only hired professional technicians with high salaries, but also spent huge sums of money to build advanced production equipment. Promoted the development of the carbon fiber industry.