Carbon fiber roller

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The carbon fiber composite roller has low tension and small inertia. Its inertia is only 1/5 of that of traditional metal rollers, which can be fast Start or stop;

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Model No. G-01 Corrosion resistant
Color Black Metal Aluminum
Weight 15kg Surface 3k glossy/as required
Package Paper box,foam,High pressure bag Specification 1500mm*255mm*234mm
Orgin Weihai HS code 6815992000

Product Details

Recently, with the further upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry, industrial machinery has gradually developed in the direction of high quality, high efficiency, low carbon and environmental protection. The carbon fiber composite roller has low tension and small inertia. Its inertia is only 1/5 of that of traditional metal rollers, which can be fast Start or stop; fast running speed, up to 70% faster than traditional metal rollers; small deformation, good fatigue resistance, long service life, one-time investment cost more than metal rollers, higher long-term use value. However, the manufacturing requirements of carbon fiber rollers are also very high, whether it is surface accuracy or its dynamic balance, etc., will have an important impact on the performance of the entire machine.

Product advantages

Weihai Yantuo Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd., which has provided a large number of large, medium and small carbon fiber rolls for film, paper, lithium batteries, foils, non-woven fabrics, printing and other machinery manufacturers, is bringing customers . At the same time as commercial benefits, many relevant application experiences have also been accumulated. Here are some examples of our company's customized products of carbon fiber rollers to illustrate the application advantages of carbon fiber rollers in industrial machinery:

The application of carbon fiber rolls in roll paper and other paper, film, aluminum foil machinery:

In the production of roll paper, as well as most paper, film, and aluminum foil products, the width and line speed of the roll product during production and processing directly determine the production efficiency and production quality of the entire product. At the same time, the width The increase in the production cost and the increase in the line speed also have a direct impact on the production cost. In the case of high overspeed operation, the length of a single roll surface is determined by the critical speed of the roll. The critical speed of the roller is inversely proportional to the square of the length of the roller, the length of the roller is doubled, and the critical speed becomes a quarter of the original.

When the length of the roller reaches a certain level and a higher critical speed is required, the roller itself is required to have an ultra-high elastic modulus. The elastic modulus of carbon fiber composite roll is 240GPa, which is larger than that of steel and much lighter in weight. Therefore, the inertia is small, which can greatly reduce the tension generated by products such as roll paper during operation, which is better Ground coordination with high-speed movement and rapid acceleration or deceleration movement.

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