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Port: Qingdao, China
Production Capacity: 50, 000 Pieces Per Month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
Shape: Carbon Fiber Tube
Raw Materials: Polyacrylonitrile-Based Carbon Fiber
Performance: High-Strength Type
State: Carbon Fiber oval Tube
Mechanical Property: High-Performance Type
Color: Black







1. Aerospace

Carbon fiber composite materials have long been applied to artificial satellite structures, solar panels and antennas because of their advantages of light weight, high rigidity, high strength, dimensional stability, and good thermal conductivity. Nowadays, most of the unfolding solar cells on artificial satellites use carbon fiber composite materials, and some of the more critical parts of the space station and the space-to-earth transportation system also use carbon fiber composite materials.
Carbon fiber drone
Carbon fiber tubes also perform well in UAV applications. In actual applications, they can be applied to different body parts of UAVs, such as arms, frames, etc. Compared with aluminum alloy materials, the application of carbon fiber tubes in UAVs can reduce weight by about 30%, which can improve the load capacity and endurance of UAVs. The carbon fiber tube has the advantages of high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and good seismic effect, which effectively guarantees the life of the UAV.

2, mechanical equipment

The application of carbon fiber composite materials on the robot end picker The end picker is a tooling and fixture used for the transfer process in the stamping production line. It is installed on the loading and unloading robot of the press, and the end picker is driven by the trajectory teaching. The workpiece is transported. Among many new materials, carbon fiber composite materials have the highest voice.
Carbon fiber robotic arm
The specific gravity of carbon fiber composite material is less than 1/4 of that of steel, but its strength is several times that of steel. The robot end picker made of carbon fiber composite material can reduce the shaking and self-burden when handling auto parts, and it is stable. Can also be greatly improved.

3, military industry

Carbon fiber has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high modulus, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity, good heat dissipation and low thermal expansion coefficient. Carbon fiber and its composite materials are widely used in rockets, missiles, military aircraft, and individual In military fields such as protection, the usage is increasing day by day, so that the performance of military equipment has been continuously improved. Carbon fiber and its composite materials have become important strategic materials for the development of modern national defense military weapons and equipment.
Carbon fiber missile
In terms of military rockets and missiles, the excellent performance of carbon fiber composite materials has also been well applied and developed, such as “Pegasus”, “Delta” launch vehicle, “Trident” II (D5), “Dwarf” missiles, etc. Carbon fiber composite materials are used; the US strategic missile MX intercontinental missile and the Russian strategic missile “Poplar” M missile also use advanced composite materials.

4. Sporting goods

Traditional sporting goods mostly use wood, but the mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials are much higher than wood. Its specific strength and specific modulus are 4 times and 3 times that of Chinese fir, and 3.4 times and 4.4 times that of Sycamore. Therefore, it has been widely used in sports goods, and its consumption accounts for almost 40% of the world’s total carbon fiber consumption. In the field of sporting goods, carbon fiber pipes are mainly used in the following areas: golf clubs, fishing rods, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, ice hockey sticks, bows and arrows, sailing masts, etc.
Carbon fiber racket
Take a tennis racket as an example. A tennis racket made of carbon fiber composite material is light and strong, with high rigidity and low strain, which can reduce the deviation of the ball when it contacts the racket. At the same time, CFRP has good damping properties and can extend the gut and the ball. The contact time allows the tennis ball to obtain a greater acceleration. For example, the contact time of a wooden racket is 4.33 milliseconds, steel products are 4.09 milliseconds, and CFRP is 4.66 milliseconds. The corresponding initial velocities of the ball are 1.38 km/h, 149.6 km/h and 157.4 respectively. Km/h.

In addition to the above-mentioned fields, carbon fiber composite materials also appear in various fields such as rail transit, wind power, medical equipment, etc., and are widely used. With continuous breakthroughs in the manufacturing of carbon fiber raw materials and subsequent processing technologies, the price of carbon fiber raw materials is also expected to become More close to the people. Jiangsu Boshi Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that develops and manufactures carbon fiber composite products. It has a complete production line and rich and mature production experience.

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